Sarah Bond

I am a freelance journalist and sub-editor, and recently also qualified as a graphic designer, so a new website will be coming when time allows!


I cover lifestyle and events in West Kent and East Sussex as well as national TV and showbiz.


I am currently freelancing for The Times of Tunbridge Wells, Kent's

MMM Magazine, Kent's Best Places to Dine, Best Attractions in Kent, MMMarvellous Christmas in Kent, and various skiing publications, including Skier & Snowboarder. Plus I designed the British Academy of Graphology's new website.


I have also written TV reviews for Penguin's wonderful Dead Good website and about TV for BT TV. I am also an occasional Daily Mirror & Huffington Post blogger – all driven by a passion for Mini Cheddars!

National @SheLovesTelly

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Local @LadeezWhoLaunch


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Journalist, sub, blogger, occasional designer